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Bag Loading

Frigate offers a sophisticated range of truck & trailer loaders for loading of filled bags. These machines allow automatic loading and stacking of bags and are made available in capacities upto 2400 bags/hr and are suitable for any size and capacity of trucks and trailers.

These machines are available as floor and roof mounted models for RoRo loading of trucks.

The common design principle of these equipments is the multi-sectional construction of the machines and the connection of the various sections via heavy-duty slewing gears. The material receiving section, which is bought into the Railcar, Trucks as well as the material discharge end remaining outside of the car are both adjustable in height and both pivot on a circular path and telescope.

In the sketches below you can see respective parameters for “S” for Standard Trucks, “T” for Trailers and “J” for extra long trailers.