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Bulk Loading

Tanker vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust by means of bulk loading head. It is designed according to the double-wall system i.e. material flow and dust extraction are separate from one another. The loading head must be connected to a dust-collecting air system. The lifting device is a motorized or manual cable winch. The material feed must be dosed. The device is operated by means of a suspended push-button switch.

The filling level monitor serves to accurately shut off the material feed to the loading head when the vehicle is full. Different types of filling level monitors are required depending on the properties of the material being loaded. The primary criteria used to select the correct switch are the bulk density, flow behavior as well as the product temperature. 

Today bulk material loading stations are checked and controlled automatically. Integration as well as dispatch logistics often require a tailor-made concept. We offer solutions for the specific requirements of each customer from single loading controls to full material flow control. These are implemented using the following system components.