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Bridge Reclaimer

A bridge reclaimer offers very high blending ratio, often required for homogenizing limestone, coal, iron ore, and other materials.

The bridge type box girder spans the pile and supports a trolley that reciprocates its travels gradually along the length of the box girder. Triangular harrows (or "rakes"), one per side are suspended from the trolley. The rakes loosen the material on the pile cross-section. Each harrow is adjusted to a slanted position, matching the angle of repose of the stacked material. 

As the bridge reclaimer inches towards the pile, the harrow loosens the material so that it runs under gravity (avalanche effect) to the foot of the pile. A scraper chain (at the bottom of the bridge) collects the material and transports it to the yard conveyor. 

The reclaimed capacity is controlled by varying the travel speed of the machine.