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Frigate Teknologies is a diversified global conglomerate providing integrated Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Project Management Services in Aviation, Cement, Energy, Marine, Mineral Processing, Steel and other associated downstream sectors.

Our philosophy at Frigate is based around “Rational Processes”; in that, a client’s technical requirements, expectations, budget, time scale are analyzed, and only then, we propose a solution, enabling us to deliver truly the best value proposition for the client’s needs. 

Collaboration between different competences within the company enables us to peel down a problem to its core, to arrive at the most comprehensive solution. This applies to all projects, from a single product up to complete turnkey plants.

At Frigate, we pride in being flexible and attuned to a customer’s needs and can take up responsibility in delivering projects from CONCEPT TO COMMISSIONING 

As a dynamic enterprise, we explore and pursue the enormous opportunity in markets globally. Partnering with the best in their own arenas, we bring cutting edge technology, quality and services to clients worldwide. 

An excellent track record for successful completion of projects within tight schedules, lend us credibility; encouraging clients to trust us with repeat orders. New contacts will find us approachable and friendly, and those who know us well, consider us professional and trustworthy.