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Pneumatic Ship Unloader

Frigate prides it’s association with Van Aalst Bulk Handling. By virtue of our association, we offer Pneumatic Ship Loaders as well as Unloaders. The key features of such Ship Loader / Unloaders are:

  1. Ship Unloading capacity upto 800 TPH
  2. Road Mobile type Ship Unloader with capacity upto 225 TPH
  3. Ship Loading Capacities from 200 TPH to 800 TPH
  4. In-Built Dome & Silo Aeration and extraction equipment  
  5. Dust free operations
  6. Hurricane aeration system, which reduces the power consumption
  7. Pinch valves, reduces the maintenance costs
  8. Rotating fluidizing nozzle, reduces forces in suction arm
  9. Dense phase conveying systems
  10. Loading arms with radio remote control system