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A burner management system is one of the most important equipment to optimise burner and kiln line operation. Unitherm Cemcon provides solutions based on vast experience in kiln firing system operation, assuring control at safest level and highest flexibility for your (specific) application.

Shop test - BMS directly mounted on oil valve train BMS located in MCC-room

Control cubicles are completely wired up for operation prior to delivery.

Design of the management system is in accordance with the latest VDE and EN regulations.

The used hardware for the BMS is preferably of brand SIEMENS S7, other brands can be used on request. A free programmable control unit is provided for monitoring and control tasks of burner and fuel supply systems.

Communication between BMS and superior management system is performed by an intenal communication processor (Profibus DP, Ethernet or others), enabling remote controlled and local operation.

An operation panel with LCD as multi purpose screen is used as operation surface for local operation (HMI).

Different operation pictures with indicated progress data, release conditions, system and control parameter can be viewed by using defined function keys. This keys are also used to set actions like set point adjustment, fuel selection and specific tasks.

System handling is menu-supported. (Standard language English - conversion into other languages is possible.)