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Hot Gas Generator

Hot gas generators by Unitherm Cemcon are designed for direct air heating performed by a firing system. Air to be heated is either supplied by a dilution air fan or is delivered from process with high or low temperatures or combinations of both.

Unitherm Cemcon provides:

  Hot gas generator type "HG" Hot gas generator type "HR"
Execution steel structure with inside brick lining steel structure with 3 layers of heat resistant steel
Air outlet temperature 350°C - 1300°C 100°C - 350°C
Range of performance 0,7 MW - 60 MW 0,7 MW - 12 MW
Fuels to be fired liquid and gaseous fuels and coal or petcoke liquid and gaseous fuels
Installation vertical and horizontal vertical and horizontal
Installation coal operation - vertical  
Heat storage capacity high low

Coal / fuel oil burner for HGG

Vertical HG-design, gas/coal fired, operated with process air and dilution air

Horizontal HG-design, fired with HFO and Natural Gas