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Bucket Elevator

FRIGATE specializes in Belt Bucket Elevator as well as Chain Bucket Elevator. FRIGATE also offers conversion from Chain Bucket Elevator to Belt type and vice 

FRIGATE belt bucket elevators are characterized by steel - reinforced belts. A self - adjusting parallel tension device maintains straight running of the belt. Longitudinal steel ropes from the traction elements. Together with the additional cross ropes, they form a rigid structure ensuring high resistance.

In the elevator boot, a bar - type drum ensures the guided return of the belt. Precise parallel guidance is obtained with the parallel tensionong device.

Belt splicing is made by clamping the steel ropes in a casting compound box. The rope ends are connected by means of clamps and then cast with a special casting compound. All drive pulleys features exchangeable friction linings. The segments can be easily exchanged without opening the belt.

Special heavy-duty chains and sprockets, duly customized in Europe, are supplied for chain type bucket elevators.