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Bulk Material Handling Systems

Bulk Material Handling Systems

Frigate’s engineered bulk material handling equipment and systems are rugged, dependable, and built to last. Since 2008 we have been designing and supplied bulk material handling systems for industries ranging from cement, steel, minerals and ores, to fertilizers and chemicals.

Our tailor designed equipment and systems can assist in every aspect of handling, including loading and unloading bulk solids for transport or storage, sourcing and feeding raw materials, moving finished product around the facility, as well as carrying material throughout the entire production process.

Benefits Of A Well-Designed Bulk Material Handling System

Bulk material handling equipment can be a facility’s worst adversary or its most valuable asset.

The custom specifications of each unique facility, along with the properties of the material handled, make designing equipment specifically for its intended application essential. Through properly designed equipment, plant managers can often achieve the following benefits:

  • Enhanced flowability
  • Optimized production line efficiency
  • Greater output
  • Better process control capabilities
  • Reduced labour requirements
  • Improved safety
  • Decreased housekeeping
  • Reduced downtime for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Promotion of equipment longevity