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Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyors transport the material with help of chains. They are used in such cases, where the transported material could mechanically, or thermally, for example, damage the rubber belt. The material lies straight on the driven chains, or is transported with help of carriers attached to the chains.

The production of chain conveyors is always realized according to the specific requirements of customers. Frigate engineers and manufactures dry chain conveyors which can be applied to precipitators, fabric filters, boiler hoppers or cyclones for the collection of fly ash. These units handle fly ash in a dust-tight, air-tight construction which provides dust and fire control.

Our chain conveyors can move materials at 8 to 12 feet per minute to a storage and/or disposal location, and can have up to a 35 degree incline. Our conveyors occupy minimum space with maximum materials handling capabilities.