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Screw Conveyor

Frigate is a reputed name for supply of large Screw Conveyors and is in a leading position for many applications.

Over the years Screw Conveyors for specific purposes have been developed. Heavy- duty Cement Screw Conveyors, as used in the concrete industry, are particularly robust and equipped with self-adjusting stuffing boxes. Extra-heavy-duty Screw Conveyors, designed for continuous operation in cement, lime and gypsum processing, come with flanged shaft couplings for easy screw replacement.

Difficult materials with a high moisture content that have a tendency to stick to the centre pipe or flight in traditional screw conveyors, such as sludge or screenings, are successfully handled by Shaftless Screw or Spiral Conveyors with ultra-heavy-duty helicoid flighting. The expertise that has been acquired over the years has enabled Frigate to apply their technology to virtually all conveying processes. It also has resulted in high-quality yet competitively priced Screw Conveyors.