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Wagon Tippler

Frigate offers a wide range of wagon tipplers including side discharge tipplers and rotary tipplers for railway wagons. The tipplers can handle wagons of various widths, heights and lengths. Side discharge tipplers are available with both mechanical and hydraulic tippling drive. Rotary tipplers unload the wagons turning through 180 degrees. A hydraulic holding system secures the wagons during the tippling process.

Six clamps holding systems ensure positive clamping inspite of irregularities of the wagon surface.

Frigate also offers a hydraulically operated side arm charger with positive rack and pinion mechanism. This proven design ensures accurate positioning of the wagon.

A new generation side discharge type wagon tipplers (fulfilling new RDSO requirement) and side arm charger with upto 60T pull for pulling full rake of 58 wagons, can also be offered