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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an leading worldwide company, Frigate has committed itself to taking numerous steps in favor of Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2013, we reaffirmed our strategic commitment by creating a CSR cell within our Human Resources and Administration Department, which aims to give structure, to coordinate and implement Frigate’s CSR efforts, in compliance with the principles laid out in the Company Bill 2013 (India).

Our CSR policy includes: 

  1. Promote energy efficiency in our developments and minimize the environmental footprint of our processes and technologies.
  2. Maintain high standards of ethical conduct in all relationships whether internal or with third parties.
  3. Implement an efficient and standardized Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.
  4. Reconcile purchasing efficiency and sustainable relationships with our suppliers.
  5. Promote diversity and implement regional standards for our employees’ social benefits.
  6. Align our employees’ skills and career management with our strategic vision.
  7. Implement ISO 26000 / SA 8000 standards