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Community Affairs Policy

Frigate Teknologies is committed to respect local customs, traditions and maintain secularity and political neutrality. At all times, we will strive to fulfill the ethical, legal and public expectations of society by the following ways:

  • Employing a quota of our staff from the host communities
  • Rendering direct or indirect financial assistance to development projects that may be undertaken by the communities
  • Conduct our activities in such a manner that will not endanger the environment
  • To minimize to the barest minimum, the impact of our operation on the working environment of our host community
  • To reduce to the barest minimum project related community affairs conflicts/disturbance
  • To enlighten our host communities on the benefits derivable from community related projects
  • Liaising with genuine representative of our host communities before commencement of work
  • Establishing community affairs committees for projects within host communities

This policy shall be a high level document, clearly understood by all staff, distributed to all, and we shall be guided by this policy.