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Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine Dampers

Frigate Guillotine dampers and blanking plates can be used in any application where a positive isolation is required for routine maintenance and/or entry to a duct behind a media source.

Frigate can supply various sealing arrangements to provide the correct sealing efficiency for your Guillotine damper requirements, including seal air system for 100% process seal.

Different types of actuations can be supplied to suit all budgets and specifications (manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic).

Our Guillotine Dampers can be manufactured in Carbon Steel or Stainless steel, however for special applications we can utilise any material to suit your requirements.

Zero leak guillotine dampers are engineered to provide 100% isolation of process gas systems.

Blades, frames, seals, drives, supports and seal air systems are carefully engineered to ensure performance and longevity at maximum design pressure and temperature. Frames are designed to minimize deflection while providing a rigid support structure. Blades are constructed of flat plate for low temperature applications and die-formed plate for high-temperature.

Combined bending, shear and thermal stresses at maximum conditions are maintained within allowable stresses. Dual flexible metal seals are engineered and precisely fabricated and assembled to ensure seating of blade during isolation.

Zero (0.0%) leakage downstream and to ambient is achieved utilizing a seal air purge. Seal air fans are sized to provide 200% of sealing volume at 3 Inches W.C. greater than gas pressure effectively blocking process gas from leaking downstream. Access to seals is either internal to duct or external to duct depending on customer preference.

Rugged rack and pinion or Screw jack drive systems are standard on all our guillotine dampers. Smaller dampers have a single rack system and larger dampers have dual rack and pinion systems. Both single and dual rack and pinion drive systems are driven with a single actuator.

Manual, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators are available depending on customer requirements. Directional controls, motor starters and position indicators are available as options. Dampers may be installed in any position.

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