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Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

FRIGATE TEKNOLOGIES has significant presence in field of Chain Conveyors.

Chain conveyors and feeders are designed to handle abrasive materials like fly ash, hot clinker, hot lime, coal, limestone lumps, etc.

Types of Chain Conveyors:

  1. Drag Chain Conveyor
  2. En-masse Conveyor
  3. Scraper / Flight Chain conveyor.

Applications of Chain Conveyors:

For handling abrasive materials like ESP dust, Coal, Sand, Clinker, Gypsum, Slag dust etc.

Features of Drag Chain Conveyors :

  • Heavy duty construction : The casings are built from sufficiently thick steel plates for providing structural rigidity and long service. All the flange connections are sealed to ensure material contaminating the environment.
  • Forged Steel Chain : The drop forged pin-and-fork type chain is made from various special alloys and hardened for extended life and minimising wear.
  • Sprockets : The sprockets are of a unique design, fabricated / cast from carbon steel for self cleaning action and are hardened for longer service.
  • Heavy duty flights : The flights / materials are selected to suit specific requirement of applications and are generally bolt-on type for ease of replacement.
  • Catenary take up : This kind of take ups are provided to accommodate thermal expansion of chain in high temperature applications.
  • Adjustable tail end take up : Facilitates internal tension of chain and flights; compensates for normal wear and elongation of chain, and also facilitates replacement of chain.
  • Inspection door : Provided at all easy access locations for regular inspection. They are fully gasketed for dust proof construction.
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