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Passenger Boarding Ramp

Passenger Boarding Ramp

At FRIGATE we design, manufacture & supply custom built Passenger Boarding Ramps as per an Airline’s specific requirement based on their fleet of aircrafts.

Our Boarding Ramps are affordable, user friendly, robust & can be re-configured. Our ramps are client specific to minimize the boarding & de-boarding time to meet challenging deadlines in Airlines industry.

We design Passenger Boarding Ramps in such a way that it can be configured for various aircrafts.

PAX ladders are in use since the commercial aviation industry came in to existence. Now the very basic question arises; what is the need of these boarding ramps.

Need Analysis

Preliminary Objectives

  • Dignified boarding to people with reduced mobility
  • Ergonomic inclination
  • Minimize boarding & de-boarding time

Drawbacks in existing PAX Ramps

  • Steep Incline = Un-ergonomic climb
  • Even more difficult climb for people with Reduced Mobility
  • Strenuous for Ground Handlers to push wheel chairs on steep incline
  • Floor slippery during monsoon

Drawbacks in existing PAX Step Ladders

  • No provision to handle wheel chair bound passenger
  • Undignified & Unsafe handling of passenger on wheel chair
  • Difficult climb for people with Reduced Mobility

Overview of features

  • CAPEX SAVINGS : No need for Ambulift
  • POWER SAVINGS : Total power load of only 2.5 KW
  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE : By way of advertisement on side walls
  • ON-TIME PERFORMANCE : Enhanced passenger flow
  • BRAND PERCEPTION : Passenger comfort (by way of ergonomic climb) will lead to better branch perception in the minds of passengers
  • ZERO CARBON FOOT PRINT: 100% solar power based model is also available.
  • SAFETY: Safe boarding for all passengers, including children& elderly.
  • Anti-slip all weather flooring
  • State-of-art Operational & Safety features

Various Options:

  • 100% Manually Operated
  • Petrol / Diesel Generator based
  • CNG based
  • Solar Powered models

Adaptability : Ramp can cater to the following aircraft fleet:

  • A320 family
  • B737 family
  • Embraer E170 | E175 | E190 | E195
Design Features

Passenger Comfort

  • Inclination of all walkways (except last one) fixed @ 7.5 deg
  • Last walkway can be inclined from ± 0 deg to (+) 8 deg.
  • Ergonomic inclination = Dignified boarding of PAX
  • Low center of gravity = Higher Stability
  • Overall low maintenance: MOC doesn’t require any special attention.
  • No Hydraulics = Zero spillage.


  • Simple operation. Only one hinged walkway
  • Main Drive (FWD-REV) : Geared Motor on rear wheels. In-built brake
  • Electrical (Geared Motor) Screw Jack = Luffing
  • Manual luffing by spindle wheel. Also acts as manual over ride
  • Steering Control – Through Tow Bar
  • Joystick control on Tow bar + Control panel on landing platform


  • PAX can disembark in front of 1st ramp. Improves flow of PAX to a/c.
  • Safe queuing of PAX (funneling)
  • No tripping hazard as in step ladder
  • Anti Slip Flooring + Fluorescent strip on floor
  • Emergency stop switch on all 4 sides
  • Walkway lighting (LED lamp)
  • Flashing Beacons
  • Rubber bumper : Flexible leading edge
  • Extension floor :      Cover gap between top of ramp and top of a/c floor
  • Sliding hand Rails : No gaps between aircraft and walkway
  • Proximity Switch:      Actuation of inching speed.
  • Canopy with or without curtain
  • Fully removable curtain
  • Manual Screw Jack      – Stability (operation)
  • Separate Staircase for Ground Crew & Flight Crew
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